In line with the Government initiative towards targeting Zero Landfill, HCH initiated a research project to develop precast concrete products using Recycled aggregates recovered from Construction waste.

Prof. Tay Joo Hwa and Prof. Ting Seng Kiong of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore were engaged to determine the optimum design mix for various concrete grades meeting different criteria in accordance with SS214:1999. To-date, HCH has produced quality products using a computerized control batching plant.

dt1 dt1 dt1
B1 305mm X 305mm X 600mm(L)
B2 380mm X 380mm X 600mm(L)
C2 230mm X 90mm X 600mm(L)
C3 305mm X 125mm X 600mm(L)
C5< 455mm X 145mm X 600mm(L)
C5A 455mm X 145mm X 600mm(L)
C7/C7R 810mm X 495mm X 600mm(L)
C7A 595mm X 335mm X600mm(L)
C7B 395mm X 195mm X 600mm(L)
K2/K2w with Scupper Inlet 980mm(L) X 300mm X 125mm
K2A 300mm(L) X 300mm X 125mm
K2B 150mm(L) X 300mm X 125mm
with 2 Holes 200mm X 150mm X 600mm(L)
with Dowel Bar 200mm X 75/125mm X 600mm(L)
Flat Slab 600mm X 600mm X 50mm(T)